About my Work

Working in a range of styles I aim to create images that are aesthetically attractive, using both traditional and digital media to explore different topics. Consistent themes within my work are often centred around emotional distress and teen like struggles, in contrast to dark themes my drawing style is child like, using vivid block colours and crazy one line drawings I aim to capture the state of mania within the feelings. I am currently experimenting with flash sheet designs in a tattoo like style using these experiments to create page layouts in other projects


Southampton Solent University (September 2014 – July 2017) Achieved a 2:1 BA Illustration, having also taken on a number of leadership roles such as being the course rep as well being in charge of course fundraising activities. Was also awarded the Ellucian prize upon graduating.


AUB (September 2012 – June 2014) Extended diploma – Art and Design- Pass

Exhibitions, shows, work in galleries

Contained- Saturday 21st April 2018,

Bournemouth Hot off the Press- 9th to 15th July 2017,

Coningsby Gallery, London Solent Art School Degree show- 9th June 2017, Southampton

Collections, commissions and projects-

Innocents illustration-

As part of my freelance illustration I have done a mixture of work such personal portraits, gifts and logo designs, working in my own style.Innocents illustration- As part of my freelance illustration I have done a mixture of work such personal portraits, gifts and logo designs, working in my own style.

Teacup Illustration

I founded Teacup as a collaborative project in my final year of university, the collective has had many members and spotlight artist and is an ever changing group. teacup Illustration is a small brand selling prints, apparel, home ware and more. Working as a primely illustration inspired project it crosses into the world of craft regularly. I designed many of the products as well as designing adverts for social media and running an online shop. As part of the my daily duties I take photos of new stock making sure to have clean crisp images to work with for the shop, while taking more creative images for social media, design new stock, and going to art fairs. 

Must Try Harder

MTH is a small DIY music project, running events and putting out new music. Across my time working at must try harder I had a number of roles such as part of the events management team where in which I had a hands on role at gigs, taking photos, running stalls and setting up venue. I also ran social media, revamping the face of MTH online as my first project I gave the group a selection of logo designs- establishing a strong sense of brand across the social media I selected different mediums to keep posts interesting and engagement high across both facebook and instagram. I used a mix of work make by myself and work made by others to create posts, increasing the rates of posting, and increasing the followers across the two plat forms 3 fold. I designed posters for events using both traditional and digital media, working with both venues and music artists to find acceptable styles for both clients own personal brands while sticking to the MTH aesthetic, using the posters I would then create social media packs for the events such as instagram stories and a range of posts in the same style. I created merchandise with the logo- (which I designed) such as lighters and screen printed tote bags- (which I screen printed)


I created PAPERWEIGHT in early 2020 as a way to support other small creators and artist within my local area with hope to expand to other locations. PAPERWEIGHT is an all day event mixing art and music, the day started with a pop up shop featuring a wide range of art styles including but not limited to illustration, graphics, fine art and crafts. This is followed by a live painting session, before we end the evening with a live music performance from local musicians. This event not only puts indie creators work in peoples hands but connects artist of different fields with the aim to create a strong creative community. 


As the creator of this event I design posters, online adverts and all promotional material. I also manage all the artists, and musicians as well as any other support teams needed on the day. I liaise with the venue across the planning over the event and work with them to make sure the day runs as smooth as possible. 


It is my responsibility to make sure the event is successful and I take this responsibility very seriously.


Photoshop, screen printing, mono printing, lino cutting, book binding, graphic design, typography.


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